Introducing Cardlet

Cardlet reinvented greeting cards when it launched on Mother’s Day 2020 by introducing modern technology to a loving tradition. Founder and CEO, Jenny Sich was inspired soon after becoming a mother to make greeting cards simpler and more meaningful with technology. She employed the help of her husband, Matt Sich (a software engineer with a background in augmented reality, iOS, android, and web), to bring the idea to life. Together they sourced hundreds of paper stock varieties and printing methods in order to produce the best product. They both further developed the idea to include augmented reality for each card which would allow customers to view 3D animated experiences when activating a card. The inclusion of an NFC tag in each card was a pivotal moment in our founding story because it brought all the pieces together and made the whole experience feel truly magical. Cardlet was launched with an iOS and Android app with 45 cards and 12 augmented experiences on Mother’s Day 2019.

Since our launch we’ve been adding new cards and experiences and have been improving the overall user experience. These improvements include such things as our new reminders feature that helps our users remember important holidays and birthdays. Starting October 26th, 2020, all our cards began printing with App Clip Codes. The App Clip Codes allow our customers to quickly recognize that an App Clip can be initiated which reveals the AR experience hidden inside. This new technology simplifies the user path from card receipt to experience and makes the journey all the more magical.

We are committed to always keeping our users and their Cardlet experience at the center of everything we do. We are proud of every card we send and the love and joy that they contain. As we continue our journey, we look forward to expanding our service and packing more and more magic into every card.

Press Contact:
Jenny Sich, CEO

Source: Cardlet LLC