Returns & Refunds Policy

Standard Return Policy

  • You have 14 calendar days to request a refund for an item from the date you received it.
  • Only Cardlet cards that have been purchased directly from the Cardlet website or apps can be returned.
  • You are not required to mail the product back unless you have requested more than 10 refunds in a calendar year.
  • You are the original purchaser.

Process for Requesting a Refund

In order for us to process a refund it must be eligible for a refund based on the Standard Return Policy listed above and and email must be sent to with the following:

  • The date of the order and type of card.
  • The reason for the refund

Refund will be processed in the order they are received.

Refunds will be sent to the card-issuing bank within five business days of the refund being processed.